A Book Against A Book (Open Post)

I labelled this as "Open Post" because I will still be updating this post as I go through the book.

I'm currently reading Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation. It's a (atheist) book full of arguments against Christian claims. This post will just be like a notepad of points that really hit me. Of course you can read the book yourself for complete information.

1. Deuteronomy 13:6, 8-15.
"[On non-believers] But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die."

Seriously?! That is just SICK. Is that what your god teaches you?!?! Kill people?!

2. Leviticus 25:44-46.
"Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids."

Bondmen/bondmaids, by the way, are SLAVES. So yea, your book is pro-slavery.

3. Christians crusade against HPV vaccine. (Source)
The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine prevents infection with certain species of human papillomavirus associated with the development of cervical cancer, genital warts, and some less common cancers.

And Christian groups are against it because they "want sex to remain as scary as possible". That's dumb. So you'd rather let your wives and daughters die of cancer?! The HPV vaccine doesn't encourage people to have sex, hormones do. Crusade against that.

4. Deuteronomy 22:13-21
"But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die."

Wow, good luck getting married ladies.


Religious Schizophrenia?

Definition (source)
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of thought processes and of emotional responsiveness.

Symptoms: (source)

-Intense and excessive preoccupation with religion or spirituality
-Frequent moves, trips, or walks that lead nowhere
-Delusions of reference- thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you.
-Religious delusions- that you are Jesus, God, a prophet, or the antichrist.
-Delusions of grandeur- the belief that you have an important mission, special purpose, or are an unrecognized genius, or famous person.
-Auditory hallucinations can be either inside the person's head or externally.
-Visual hallucinations operate on a spectrum.

What if religious idols and leaders were just suffering from schizophrenia? What if they were just like Hulon Mitchell, Jr. or Shoko Asahara, our modern day false prophets? Don't we think these people who claim to be sons of "God" are funny and stupid?


Masasabi Mo Ba? (Lyrics)

Di mapigil ang pusong ibigin ka
Bakit ba laging hanap ka?
Maging sa aking pagtulog ay panaginip ka
Talaga yatang minamahal kita

Ngunit mayro'ng takot na nadarama
Laging may tanong sa puso ko
Sa habang buhay ba'y laging ikaw lang at ako
Hanggang sa kailan ma'y hindi magbabago

Masasabi mo bang tanging ako
Sa bawat sandali, iibigin mo
At di pagpapalit kahit kanino man,
Pag-ibig mo ba'y ganyan?
Laging tapat kailan pa man

Ngunit mayro'ng takot na nadarama
Laging may tanong sa puso ko
Sa habang buhay ba'y laging ikaw lang at ako
Hanggang sa kailan ma'y hindi magbabago

Maipapangako ba na di mo sasaktan
Nais ko na makita at mapatunayan
Ang pab-ibig mo'y tunay bang walang hanggan
At hanggang langit ba ang iyong pagmamahal

Masasabi mo bang tanging ako
Sa bawat sandali, iibigin mo
At di pagpapalit kahit kanino man,
Pag-ibig mo ba'y ganyan
Walang katapusan
Lagi ka bang tapat
Hanggang sa magpakailan man

Napansin ko kasi wala pang lyrics na available sa net e ang ganda talaga ng lyrics.. The song is in Rachelle Ann Go's latest album "Unbreakable".



Move over Planking, Horsemaning is the new internet craze! Its kinda like a fake beheading pose. It involves two persons: one laying down with his/her head hidden, then another one with only his/her head shown. Here's a sample from me and my sister, Barbie(she's the head):


Realization: Edward SPARKLES. REALLY.

These pics are effin hilarious, even for a Twilight fan like me LOL I still think Jacob's hot though..


Warning: New Cashier Modus Operandi?

My mom went to a local telecom branch to pay for our phone bills amounting to Php 14,500.00. So she gave the cashier Php 15,000.00, thus she should have Php 500 change.

Cashier: "Ma'am, kulang po ng Php 1,000" (Ma'am, you're Php 1,000 short.)
Mom: "15 yan miss." (I gave you 15 thousand.)
Cashier: "Kulang pa po e." (It's really not enough.)
Mom: "15 na talaga yan, paki bilang mo ulit." (I'm sure I gave you 15 thousand. Please count it again.)
Cashier: "Ay,sorry po. Nahulog lang po pala sa may paa ko." (Oh I'm sorry, the bill fell on the floor.)

If my mom wasn't sure of how much money she carried that day, she could've given the cashier another thousand. Of course we're not sure if the cashier did that on purpose or if it was an honest mistake. But still, it's a nice strategy since the customers can't really see what's under the counter. Just be careful and always count your money.

Germany's Mermaid Statue

Legs?? I thought she's a mermaid?


10 Ways To Trend on Twitter

1. Break up with your celebrity bf/gf.
2. Claim that you were raped by an athlete or in some cases, a lot of athletes.
3. Resign from your post.
4. Be pregnant. (Applicable to celebrities only)
5. Be the father of #4's baby.
6. Visit another country, either for a concert or endorsements. (Applicable to celebrities only)
7. Enrage other races.
8. Debut a new TV show or movie. (Applicable to celebrities only)
9. Cook up a "fight" with your co-stars. (Applicable to celebrities only)
10. In Bieber's case, do just about anything and tweet it. (Applicable to JB only)

Note: This post is tagged as "humor". So to narrow-minded people, you can exit my blog now. Thank you!


Da Vinci, this is how you do 3D.

These were painted by Chinese 3D artist, Qi Xinghua. These paintings earned him a spot on the Guinness Book of Records as the largest 3D painting in the world. See more of this paintings here.


Disney, why didn't you tell me the truth?!

Hold onto your childhood 'cause mine just got blown up.

Ariel didn't really end up marrying Eric. She saw Eric marrying another chick. Someone (Ursula, I presume) offered her a knife so she can stab Eric to death. But, probably because of love, she couldn't do it. So she commits suicide instead.

Snow White didn't really wake up from a kiss. She woke up because she was being carried by the prince into his horse.

Now this is the biggest shocker. Sleeping Beauty got RAPED. She was asleep for so long that her dad raped her, she gave birth to two kids (while sleeping)!!!

Well Cinderella's safe. Its the stepsisters's story that's been kept from us. So the stepsisters tried to fit the slippers but obviously it didn't fit their feet. So they cut off parts of their feet but some birds saw this and the birds pecked on the sisters' eyes. They ended up as blind beggars.

I know you might not believe me (trust me, I wish they weren't true). But hey, I just read it here. Good luck gettin' over it.


Wanna lose 1-2 pounds A WEEK?

Start counting your calorie intake! First, calculate and find out how much calories/day you actually need and if you wanna lose 1-2 pounds a week, subtract 500-750 calories from the result amount!

Use this calorie calculator.

Good luck!!

Philippines' "promo" for disabled tourists

So the Philippine government would offer fare and hotel discounts to disabled tourists. (Read it here.)

Although I'm not in any position to say this, I don't think they need discounts. They need assistance, they need aid, they need comfort. A personal nurse (if they don't already have one) would've been a better idea. The govt should provide someone who would tag along with these disabled tourists wherever they go and take care of them for free. And it would also give jobs to unemployed Filipino nurses.

I mean seriously?! Markdowns on admission to amusement centres?! You really think they would enjoy that?!


Kabataan talaga, mapupusok!

"Ang mga kabataan talaga, mapupusok!" - This was just an expression for me and my college friends. Didn't really know it has become too literal.

So a 12-year old girl from Davao has HIV and some people don't think we need the RH Bill.

Wake up people! Words from you-know-who aren't gonna help this girl!


Mermaid on a wheelchair?

Lady Gaga performs as a mermaid on a wheel chair....

And her little monsters aren't so cool with it.

Read what the disabled community has to say here.

On a Tofu diet?

I know A LOT of people who are on tofu diets. And yea, looks effective somehow. But! According to this, unless you eat tofu just as it is, you might actually gain more pounds.

Million Dollar Wedding Dress

Behold! The wedding dress that costs around $1M!!

Doesn't really look like a million dollars to me......

Sperm fact!!

Chris Brown vs Dennis Rodman



Bye, Porsche :((

PNoy sold his 2007 Porsche car for about Php 4.5 M (“exactly the same price I bought it.”). Although he has another reason why he sold it (read his reason here.), I think there's something more to it.

Madaming nag-criticize kay PNoy because of the expensive sports car, bumaba rin ang ratings nya after he bought it. So siguro para matigil na lang ang mga tao, e di binenta na lang nya. Pero ever since, I never disagreed on his decision to buy it. Kung ako nga si PNoy baka brand new Porsche pa binili ko. E marami syang pera e, e kaya niyang bilhin ang gusto nya e, bat ba kayo nangingialam? I personally don't like PNoy, but buying what he wants is his right, its everybody's right. The only difference is he has resources, we don't.

Pajeros, Amen.

Dear Miss G,

Malapit na po kong magbirthday at gusto ko pong bisitahin ang mahihirap sa malalayong lugar. Kaya lang yung kotse ko, luma na, baka hindi na kayanin. Kailangang mapaltan na po ito agad-agad.

I hope you will never fail to give a brand new car which would serve as your birthday gift to me.

Juan de Dios Pueblos

Wow, parang My Super Sweet lang ng MTV ah.. Saang mga lugar naman ang nabisita mo gamit yang bday gift na yan? O nagjoyride lang kayo ng iba pang bishops na humiling din ng kotse?

Note: Above letter is just for laughs.

Anne's MRT ride

So Anne Curtis took the MRT just to get to Kylie M.'s concert in Araneta.. Although I think it shouldn't be as big a deal as it is right now, I salute her for being normal. And she is very lucky the train wasn't jam-packed. :)



Apple does it again!

If you thought the iPad 2 is amazing, check this out!

This will be the new Apple headquarters, it will be located at Cupertino, California. Sitting on 150 acres, the building will have an inner courtyard and more than 3,000 trees. The establishment will open on 2015. (Read it here.)

Steve Jobs is the modern-day Einstein. And if he pulls this off, he will provide thousands of jobs while having the best office building in the world. *round of applause!!!*


Get your iPad2 for just one kidney!

Xiao Zheng, a 17-year old Chinese dude wanted an iPad 2. He wanted it bad, REAL BAD.

June 3,2011, Zheng managed to contact an agent that would buy his...well, right kidney. He traveled to central China, underwent a surgery and got $3,900 for his right kidney. iPad 2 costs around $800-$850 tops, so with the excess money, he also bought an iPhone. (I'm not kidding! Read it here!)

I personally find Apple products really worth-it, they're reliable, very useful, secure and long-lasting. I mean they're really worth $800, I'll tell you that. But a kidney?? Having one kidney, your body would probably deteriorate faster than Apple's components!

There are a lot of people responsible for these kinds of cases (not "people to blame" ok.. Just people who I think are responsible and who can prevent stuff like this from happening):

First the "agent." There's no point in asking where your conscience is. But wherever it is, I hope it eats you alive once one of your family members sells his kidney for a pair of Nike shoes.

Second the parents. I know you're trying to give your children the best life that you can. Just make sure they have their priorities in the right order.

Last, the kids. Or adults, in some cases. I know there are stuff that only money can achieve. But how would you enjoy these stuff if you know your death clock's ticking?

"Reborn babies"?

"Reborn Babies" are life-like baby dolls. Weighing five kilos and costing about $300, these baby dolls are now being "adopted" by mothers who had just lost their own (real) babies. (Read it here.)

First of all, you picked a very nice name (Abby). But I don't think I agree with the idea of selling substitute babies to grieving mothers (especially to grieving mothers).

I mean yeah, these cute little dolls would ease the pain for a second or two. But these babies won't laugh or cry at the right moments. The fact that these dolls can't react to a mother's touch would just make the family more frustrated than they already are.

I think grieving mothers need friends, families, and maybe therapy. Not these dolls. No matter how real they may look like, they're still life-less. It would be pretty much like taking care of a dead baby. So why spend $300 on something that can just remind you of your dead, real baby?


Faux Pas? No..

What's wrong with this look? Looks ok to me..

K+12: Yes!

DepEd recently announced their proposal to add 2 more years to basic education. The proposed program would apparently help produce more employable and skillful high-school graduates, given that they have a longer time to study. (Students, read their statements here.)

My take: YES, BUT!!!
Sana naman kung dadagdagan niyo ng 2 years ang basic education ay magformulate naman kayo ng magandang curriculum. Hindi yung paulit ulit at kung ano-ano lang ang ituturo niyo. Example pag nagturo kayo ng addition sa grade school, wag niyo ng ulitin sa high school. Alam na nila yon. A review is fine, pero wag ng isama pa sa exam.

Kung gusto niyo ng "more employable and skillful graduates", e magturo kayo ng cooking, accounting, basic programming o word processing. Yun bang mga magagamit nila para magkatrabaho. I admit, hindi ko nabasa yung Noli tska El Fili kaya hindi ko alam kung talagang madaming aral na mapupulot don.. Pero para sakin, madami pang mas importante at mas kapakipakinabang na pwedeng ituro sa mga bata kaysa sa baliw na naghahanap ng anak. Hindi naman siguro sila makakahanap ng trabaho kung saulado nila kung ano ang nangyari sa love story ni Crisostomo Ibarra at Maria Clara.

CBCP: Ayoko ng chocolate!!!!

Last May 2011, nagrelease ang CBCP ng master list ng mga bagay na ayaw nila. (Read article here.)

Kasama na dito ang bikinis at mini skirts.
CBCP: "Corinthians 11:2-16, states that if a woman fails to keep her head covered, she should be shaved bald."

Reasonable naman na wag magsuot ng mini skirts kung magsisimba diba? Pero dapat kapag nagmini skirt ang mga babae sa ibang okasyon/lugar, e wag niyo naman silang kalbuhin.

Kasama din sa list ang CHOCOLATE.
CBCP: “Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. It encourages promiscuity, which leads to abortions! … Chocolate is cancerous!”

Eto ang nakakaloka!! Pati naman chocolate?! Nakaka-L ba ang chocolate?!?! E favorite ng mga bata yun, wala naman ata silang nararamdamang kakaiba.. Makapagbawal tong CBCP, kala mo sila hindi kumakain ng chocolate..

Hay nako CBCP, ang labo niyo.. Magagalit sa inyo ang Hersheys, Cadbury at iba pang brand ng chocolate.. Tsaka hello?! Ewan ko lang kung sundin ng mga katoliko yan ha.. Tignan lang natin..


Let's resched

Introducing..... Harold Camping!!! *applause*

"You and I are living at the time of the end of the world. There's going to be a big earthquake that will make the one in Japan seem like a Sunday school picnic," Camping said. (Read full article here)

Mr. Camping here, announced that rapture would happen on May 21. And he put up about 1,200 billboards to warn us all.

But unfortunately, Harry (can I call you Harry, or you prefer Old?) realized that he counted 5 months early. Wow, and I thought I sucked at math..

Anyways as of today, his latest "hunch" is that the world would be consumed by a fireball on October 21, 2011.

Camping...said he felt so terrible when his doomsday prediction did not come true. (Read it here)

WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?! I mean misleading the world is one thing, but feeling bad that the world is safe is just so freakin' unacceptable!! I know you're humiliated (you should be!) and you probably wanna melt into non-existence now but you seriously have to sort out your values 'cause you're humiliating 200 million Christians with your bad math.


"Smart" card?

Last May 1, public transportation drivers received a fuel smart card from the government. The Public Transport Assistance Program (PTAP), or “Pantawid Pasada" program is said to cover more than 210,000 jeepneys nationwide.

According to Energy Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras, each smart card would be pre-loaded with P1,050, equivalent to a fuel assistance of P35 per day for one whole month. (Read the news article here.)

My question is, bakit di na lang binigay sa fuel companies yung pera para maibaba nila yung presyo ng fuel? That way, everyone would benefit, public and private drivers. I mean instead of spending money on printing the smart cards, they could've just used the money on something else! And how can we be sure that all of the program budget was actually spent on the program (if you know what I mean)??

I'm not a political person. Pero sa tingin ko, dapat mas pinagisipan pa tong program na to.

The Starbucks Effect

First of all, I.LOVE.SBUX. The sensation of Chocolate Cream Chip frappe dancing on my tastebuds...... Ooooohhh.... (Ok I want one NOW!!!)

But honestly, most people only buy Starbucks so they can change their profile pictures. People wait for payday or the 50% off promo, wait in a looooong line, hold up their coffees (make sure to show the Sbux logo), click and upload!! They don't care if a tall frappe costs about Php 150.00.

I have nothing against these people because I've done the same before(well,just the photoshoot part). Apparently most Filipinos believe that they're somehow "in" and "sosyal" if they're seen sipping from a Starbucks cup.

Wind beneath my skirt.

Ok so we're not as hot as Marilyn Monroe in her skirt feat. Personally, I don't really wear skirts, but I adore them.

From a not-always-on-a-skirt point of view, here are some...uhm opinions on girls who do wear them all the time:

1. I think you should wear either a pair of tight shorts or hosiery underneath it. Especially if you're not really comfortable showing your legs.

2. Do not wear light and flowy skirts (as shown in the image) if you're gonna take the bus and walk to work. It will just get blown by the wind, and you'll just end up holding it down all throughout your walk. Which, by the way, looks really, really awkward.

3. Do not wear pencil-cut skirts that are too tight around your legs. You would look like a mummy trying to walk.

4. Do not wear mini-skirts and micros if you're just gonna pull them down to avoid showing "too much". Just wear what you can pull off.

5. If you're gonna wear a mini-skirt, I think you should not pair it with a low-neckline top. That's leaving nothing to imagination.

Well you don't have to listen to someone who doesn't wear skirts LOL.. Just a share of thoughts. :)

"iPhone, please forgive me for I have sinned."

I'm guessing many of you heard about the Confession iPhone app already.

Faith has never been as portable as this! According to Apple, the app is "Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent." (Read more...)

Ok so this is how it works:
"It leads you through an "Examination of Conscience" to help you figure out what your real sins are -- and not just by retreading your run of the mill 10 Commandments. The sinful suggestions the app offers are inventive and even age appropriate. If you are worried about all your personal sins being viewed in cyberspace, fear not -- the app customizes each user's list and is password protected for privacy. Once you go to confession, your nefarious revelations are wiped away.

...You still have to go to a priest for absolution. The app simply attempts to make confession more accessible."

Nothing to worry about, this iPhone app is LEGIT. It has been sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI himself. (Seriously! Read everything here.)

So log on to iTunes and get it now! For only $1.99, be washed clean of your sins anytime, anywhere!!

Note: This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. :)


Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

What?! They've been singing since 2000?? How can I not know about them?!

The Lonely Island are Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. They've been making videos together since September of 2000. They met in Junior High.

Watch more of their funny videos here:
The Lonely Island on Youtube



FACT: The RH Bill seeks to legalize family planning methods such as condoms, birth control pills and IUDs.

PROs say:
"The RH Bill is definitely pro-life. Aside from reducing the number of pre-terminated pregnancies and deaths and injuries of mothers and infants in backyard abortion operations, the RH Bill will also curb the skyrocketing HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines." -Buddy Cunanan

ANTIs say:
"Corruption, lack of education, and lack of opportunity cause poverty. The poor are victims of poverty, not the cause of poverty. Sa NO to RH bill!" -Erwin Mark Mata

My personal take:
I'm PRO RH Bill. It's not just about morality now. Hindi lang dahil anti-religion ako, pero the church is out of line here. I'm pretty sure din naman na catholics yang mga PROs e. Maging practical lang sana tayo. Masyado ng madami ang tao sa Pilipinas! Kung kaya niyong buhayin e di go! Pero kung hindi but you wanna have fun or make love to your partner, dapat may legal options kayo. I believe na karapatan ng tao yun. Tsaka, make it legal or not, people will still find access to contraceptives dahil hindi lang naman sa Pinas meron nyan.

As far as I know, about 80% of Filipinos already use these birth control/ family planning methods. So para sakin, there's really no point in saying No to something that is already being practiced.



According to online articles and blogs, red nails are a big YES. They go with almost any color, any style, any season. Looks formal, yet chic.


According to this post, red lips make you look unkissable. Red lips are an easy way to make you look sexy but!!... If you use the wrong shade of red, it won't compliment your outfit and skin color. Thus, making you look tacky.



Uuhh.. No thanks, I can save myself.


Charice sang the Philippine National Anthem on the Pacquiao/Mosley fight.
Good thing she didn't belt it out or changed the tune. Applause!!!


I don't think the lyrics are religious at all. Neither anti nor pro. But the video was obviously made to catch attention and controversy.

Nonetheless, another hit by Lady Gaga!


Mommy D's Birthday/Mother's day wish?

A Hermes bag

If you're wondering what a Hermes bag looks like, here it is:

You think its worth P1M?

Swept me off my feet

BREAKING NEWS: Lakers got swept, 4-0

And I meant that literally, it was BREAKING. My favorite team fell and they fell hard.

I was expecting a 3-peat. I was expecting Kobe Bryant to win another Finals MVP. Or at least one win against the Mavs.

As an avid Lakers fan, I'm more than devastated with how it all turned out. But unless he retires, I would still be screaming "Koooobbbeee!!!" and "Gooo Lakers!!!" next season.

Hello there!

Note: I looked at the camera when I said "Hello"

Anyways, this is MY blog. Repository of MY random and very subjective thoughts that are not too sensitive to share with the public..

In layman's terms: I just wanna blog ok? I just have so much going on in my head. No need for harsh feedback.