"Reborn babies"?

"Reborn Babies" are life-like baby dolls. Weighing five kilos and costing about $300, these baby dolls are now being "adopted" by mothers who had just lost their own (real) babies. (Read it here.)

First of all, you picked a very nice name (Abby). But I don't think I agree with the idea of selling substitute babies to grieving mothers (especially to grieving mothers).

I mean yeah, these cute little dolls would ease the pain for a second or two. But these babies won't laugh or cry at the right moments. The fact that these dolls can't react to a mother's touch would just make the family more frustrated than they already are.

I think grieving mothers need friends, families, and maybe therapy. Not these dolls. No matter how real they may look like, they're still life-less. It would be pretty much like taking care of a dead baby. So why spend $300 on something that can just remind you of your dead, real baby?

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