Get your iPad2 for just one kidney!

Xiao Zheng, a 17-year old Chinese dude wanted an iPad 2. He wanted it bad, REAL BAD.

June 3,2011, Zheng managed to contact an agent that would buy his...well, right kidney. He traveled to central China, underwent a surgery and got $3,900 for his right kidney. iPad 2 costs around $800-$850 tops, so with the excess money, he also bought an iPhone. (I'm not kidding! Read it here!)

I personally find Apple products really worth-it, they're reliable, very useful, secure and long-lasting. I mean they're really worth $800, I'll tell you that. But a kidney?? Having one kidney, your body would probably deteriorate faster than Apple's components!

There are a lot of people responsible for these kinds of cases (not "people to blame" ok.. Just people who I think are responsible and who can prevent stuff like this from happening):

First the "agent." There's no point in asking where your conscience is. But wherever it is, I hope it eats you alive once one of your family members sells his kidney for a pair of Nike shoes.

Second the parents. I know you're trying to give your children the best life that you can. Just make sure they have their priorities in the right order.

Last, the kids. Or adults, in some cases. I know there are stuff that only money can achieve. But how would you enjoy these stuff if you know your death clock's ticking?

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