Apple does it again!

If you thought the iPad 2 is amazing, check this out!

This will be the new Apple headquarters, it will be located at Cupertino, California. Sitting on 150 acres, the building will have an inner courtyard and more than 3,000 trees. The establishment will open on 2015. (Read it here.)

Steve Jobs is the modern-day Einstein. And if he pulls this off, he will provide thousands of jobs while having the best office building in the world. *round of applause!!!*


Get your iPad2 for just one kidney!

Xiao Zheng, a 17-year old Chinese dude wanted an iPad 2. He wanted it bad, REAL BAD.

June 3,2011, Zheng managed to contact an agent that would buy his...well, right kidney. He traveled to central China, underwent a surgery and got $3,900 for his right kidney. iPad 2 costs around $800-$850 tops, so with the excess money, he also bought an iPhone. (I'm not kidding! Read it here!)

I personally find Apple products really worth-it, they're reliable, very useful, secure and long-lasting. I mean they're really worth $800, I'll tell you that. But a kidney?? Having one kidney, your body would probably deteriorate faster than Apple's components!

There are a lot of people responsible for these kinds of cases (not "people to blame" ok.. Just people who I think are responsible and who can prevent stuff like this from happening):

First the "agent." There's no point in asking where your conscience is. But wherever it is, I hope it eats you alive once one of your family members sells his kidney for a pair of Nike shoes.

Second the parents. I know you're trying to give your children the best life that you can. Just make sure they have their priorities in the right order.

Last, the kids. Or adults, in some cases. I know there are stuff that only money can achieve. But how would you enjoy these stuff if you know your death clock's ticking?

"Reborn babies"?

"Reborn Babies" are life-like baby dolls. Weighing five kilos and costing about $300, these baby dolls are now being "adopted" by mothers who had just lost their own (real) babies. (Read it here.)

First of all, you picked a very nice name (Abby). But I don't think I agree with the idea of selling substitute babies to grieving mothers (especially to grieving mothers).

I mean yeah, these cute little dolls would ease the pain for a second or two. But these babies won't laugh or cry at the right moments. The fact that these dolls can't react to a mother's touch would just make the family more frustrated than they already are.

I think grieving mothers need friends, families, and maybe therapy. Not these dolls. No matter how real they may look like, they're still life-less. It would be pretty much like taking care of a dead baby. So why spend $300 on something that can just remind you of your dead, real baby?


Faux Pas? No..

What's wrong with this look? Looks ok to me..

K+12: Yes!

DepEd recently announced their proposal to add 2 more years to basic education. The proposed program would apparently help produce more employable and skillful high-school graduates, given that they have a longer time to study. (Students, read their statements here.)

My take: YES, BUT!!!
Sana naman kung dadagdagan niyo ng 2 years ang basic education ay magformulate naman kayo ng magandang curriculum. Hindi yung paulit ulit at kung ano-ano lang ang ituturo niyo. Example pag nagturo kayo ng addition sa grade school, wag niyo ng ulitin sa high school. Alam na nila yon. A review is fine, pero wag ng isama pa sa exam.

Kung gusto niyo ng "more employable and skillful graduates", e magturo kayo ng cooking, accounting, basic programming o word processing. Yun bang mga magagamit nila para magkatrabaho. I admit, hindi ko nabasa yung Noli tska El Fili kaya hindi ko alam kung talagang madaming aral na mapupulot don.. Pero para sakin, madami pang mas importante at mas kapakipakinabang na pwedeng ituro sa mga bata kaysa sa baliw na naghahanap ng anak. Hindi naman siguro sila makakahanap ng trabaho kung saulado nila kung ano ang nangyari sa love story ni Crisostomo Ibarra at Maria Clara.

CBCP: Ayoko ng chocolate!!!!

Last May 2011, nagrelease ang CBCP ng master list ng mga bagay na ayaw nila. (Read article here.)

Kasama na dito ang bikinis at mini skirts.
CBCP: "Corinthians 11:2-16, states that if a woman fails to keep her head covered, she should be shaved bald."

Reasonable naman na wag magsuot ng mini skirts kung magsisimba diba? Pero dapat kapag nagmini skirt ang mga babae sa ibang okasyon/lugar, e wag niyo naman silang kalbuhin.

Kasama din sa list ang CHOCOLATE.
CBCP: “Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. It encourages promiscuity, which leads to abortions! … Chocolate is cancerous!”

Eto ang nakakaloka!! Pati naman chocolate?! Nakaka-L ba ang chocolate?!?! E favorite ng mga bata yun, wala naman ata silang nararamdamang kakaiba.. Makapagbawal tong CBCP, kala mo sila hindi kumakain ng chocolate..

Hay nako CBCP, ang labo niyo.. Magagalit sa inyo ang Hersheys, Cadbury at iba pang brand ng chocolate.. Tsaka hello?! Ewan ko lang kung sundin ng mga katoliko yan ha.. Tignan lang natin..