Disney, why didn't you tell me the truth?!

Hold onto your childhood 'cause mine just got blown up.

Ariel didn't really end up marrying Eric. She saw Eric marrying another chick. Someone (Ursula, I presume) offered her a knife so she can stab Eric to death. But, probably because of love, she couldn't do it. So she commits suicide instead.

Snow White didn't really wake up from a kiss. She woke up because she was being carried by the prince into his horse.

Now this is the biggest shocker. Sleeping Beauty got RAPED. She was asleep for so long that her dad raped her, she gave birth to two kids (while sleeping)!!!

Well Cinderella's safe. Its the stepsisters's story that's been kept from us. So the stepsisters tried to fit the slippers but obviously it didn't fit their feet. So they cut off parts of their feet but some birds saw this and the birds pecked on the sisters' eyes. They ended up as blind beggars.

I know you might not believe me (trust me, I wish they weren't true). But hey, I just read it here. Good luck gettin' over it.


Wanna lose 1-2 pounds A WEEK?

Start counting your calorie intake! First, calculate and find out how much calories/day you actually need and if you wanna lose 1-2 pounds a week, subtract 500-750 calories from the result amount!

Use this calorie calculator.

Good luck!!

Philippines' "promo" for disabled tourists

So the Philippine government would offer fare and hotel discounts to disabled tourists. (Read it here.)

Although I'm not in any position to say this, I don't think they need discounts. They need assistance, they need aid, they need comfort. A personal nurse (if they don't already have one) would've been a better idea. The govt should provide someone who would tag along with these disabled tourists wherever they go and take care of them for free. And it would also give jobs to unemployed Filipino nurses.

I mean seriously?! Markdowns on admission to amusement centres?! You really think they would enjoy that?!


Kabataan talaga, mapupusok!

"Ang mga kabataan talaga, mapupusok!" - This was just an expression for me and my college friends. Didn't really know it has become too literal.

So a 12-year old girl from Davao has HIV and some people don't think we need the RH Bill.

Wake up people! Words from you-know-who aren't gonna help this girl!


Mermaid on a wheelchair?

Lady Gaga performs as a mermaid on a wheel chair....

And her little monsters aren't so cool with it.

Read what the disabled community has to say here.

On a Tofu diet?

I know A LOT of people who are on tofu diets. And yea, looks effective somehow. But! According to this, unless you eat tofu just as it is, you might actually gain more pounds.

Million Dollar Wedding Dress

Behold! The wedding dress that costs around $1M!!

Doesn't really look like a million dollars to me......

Sperm fact!!

Chris Brown vs Dennis Rodman



Bye, Porsche :((

PNoy sold his 2007 Porsche car for about Php 4.5 M (“exactly the same price I bought it.”). Although he has another reason why he sold it (read his reason here.), I think there's something more to it.

Madaming nag-criticize kay PNoy because of the expensive sports car, bumaba rin ang ratings nya after he bought it. So siguro para matigil na lang ang mga tao, e di binenta na lang nya. Pero ever since, I never disagreed on his decision to buy it. Kung ako nga si PNoy baka brand new Porsche pa binili ko. E marami syang pera e, e kaya niyang bilhin ang gusto nya e, bat ba kayo nangingialam? I personally don't like PNoy, but buying what he wants is his right, its everybody's right. The only difference is he has resources, we don't.

Pajeros, Amen.

Dear Miss G,

Malapit na po kong magbirthday at gusto ko pong bisitahin ang mahihirap sa malalayong lugar. Kaya lang yung kotse ko, luma na, baka hindi na kayanin. Kailangang mapaltan na po ito agad-agad.

I hope you will never fail to give a brand new car which would serve as your birthday gift to me.

Juan de Dios Pueblos

Wow, parang My Super Sweet lang ng MTV ah.. Saang mga lugar naman ang nabisita mo gamit yang bday gift na yan? O nagjoyride lang kayo ng iba pang bishops na humiling din ng kotse?

Note: Above letter is just for laughs.

Anne's MRT ride

So Anne Curtis took the MRT just to get to Kylie M.'s concert in Araneta.. Although I think it shouldn't be as big a deal as it is right now, I salute her for being normal. And she is very lucky the train wasn't jam-packed. :)