Disney, why didn't you tell me the truth?!

Hold onto your childhood 'cause mine just got blown up.

Ariel didn't really end up marrying Eric. She saw Eric marrying another chick. Someone (Ursula, I presume) offered her a knife so she can stab Eric to death. But, probably because of love, she couldn't do it. So she commits suicide instead.

Snow White didn't really wake up from a kiss. She woke up because she was being carried by the prince into his horse.

Now this is the biggest shocker. Sleeping Beauty got RAPED. She was asleep for so long that her dad raped her, she gave birth to two kids (while sleeping)!!!

Well Cinderella's safe. Its the stepsisters's story that's been kept from us. So the stepsisters tried to fit the slippers but obviously it didn't fit their feet. So they cut off parts of their feet but some birds saw this and the birds pecked on the sisters' eyes. They ended up as blind beggars.

I know you might not believe me (trust me, I wish they weren't true). But hey, I just read it here. Good luck gettin' over it.

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