Warning: New Cashier Modus Operandi?

My mom went to a local telecom branch to pay for our phone bills amounting to Php 14,500.00. So she gave the cashier Php 15,000.00, thus she should have Php 500 change.

Cashier: "Ma'am, kulang po ng Php 1,000" (Ma'am, you're Php 1,000 short.)
Mom: "15 yan miss." (I gave you 15 thousand.)
Cashier: "Kulang pa po e." (It's really not enough.)
Mom: "15 na talaga yan, paki bilang mo ulit." (I'm sure I gave you 15 thousand. Please count it again.)
Cashier: "Ay,sorry po. Nahulog lang po pala sa may paa ko." (Oh I'm sorry, the bill fell on the floor.)

If my mom wasn't sure of how much money she carried that day, she could've given the cashier another thousand. Of course we're not sure if the cashier did that on purpose or if it was an honest mistake. But still, it's a nice strategy since the customers can't really see what's under the counter. Just be careful and always count your money.

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