10 Ways To Trend on Twitter

1. Break up with your celebrity bf/gf.
2. Claim that you were raped by an athlete or in some cases, a lot of athletes.
3. Resign from your post.
4. Be pregnant. (Applicable to celebrities only)
5. Be the father of #4's baby.
6. Visit another country, either for a concert or endorsements. (Applicable to celebrities only)
7. Enrage other races.
8. Debut a new TV show or movie. (Applicable to celebrities only)
9. Cook up a "fight" with your co-stars. (Applicable to celebrities only)
10. In Bieber's case, do just about anything and tweet it. (Applicable to JB only)

Note: This post is tagged as "humor". So to narrow-minded people, you can exit my blog now. Thank you!

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