FACT: The RH Bill seeks to legalize family planning methods such as condoms, birth control pills and IUDs.

PROs say:
"The RH Bill is definitely pro-life. Aside from reducing the number of pre-terminated pregnancies and deaths and injuries of mothers and infants in backyard abortion operations, the RH Bill will also curb the skyrocketing HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines." -Buddy Cunanan

ANTIs say:
"Corruption, lack of education, and lack of opportunity cause poverty. The poor are victims of poverty, not the cause of poverty. Sa NO to RH bill!" -Erwin Mark Mata

My personal take:
I'm PRO RH Bill. It's not just about morality now. Hindi lang dahil anti-religion ako, pero the church is out of line here. I'm pretty sure din naman na catholics yang mga PROs e. Maging practical lang sana tayo. Masyado ng madami ang tao sa Pilipinas! Kung kaya niyong buhayin e di go! Pero kung hindi but you wanna have fun or make love to your partner, dapat may legal options kayo. I believe na karapatan ng tao yun. Tsaka, make it legal or not, people will still find access to contraceptives dahil hindi lang naman sa Pinas meron nyan.

As far as I know, about 80% of Filipinos already use these birth control/ family planning methods. So para sakin, there's really no point in saying No to something that is already being practiced.

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