"iPhone, please forgive me for I have sinned."

I'm guessing many of you heard about the Confession iPhone app already.

Faith has never been as portable as this! According to Apple, the app is "Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent." (Read more...)

Ok so this is how it works:
"It leads you through an "Examination of Conscience" to help you figure out what your real sins are -- and not just by retreading your run of the mill 10 Commandments. The sinful suggestions the app offers are inventive and even age appropriate. If you are worried about all your personal sins being viewed in cyberspace, fear not -- the app customizes each user's list and is password protected for privacy. Once you go to confession, your nefarious revelations are wiped away.

...You still have to go to a priest for absolution. The app simply attempts to make confession more accessible."

Nothing to worry about, this iPhone app is LEGIT. It has been sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI himself. (Seriously! Read everything here.)

So log on to iTunes and get it now! For only $1.99, be washed clean of your sins anytime, anywhere!!

Note: This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. :)

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